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How could I?

Totally neglect you for quite a pinch of time, that is. SO sorry.. no really, like, every day waking up with a pit in my stomach about it, kind of sorry. YES I care about all of YOU that MUCH!

Where to begin?! My oh my… Spent 8 days of bliss in St. John (pics to come, and you’ll hate me for them- sorry), and since I’m home it’s been nonstop, but in the best possible kind of way.

I wrote some posts while I was all up in the Caribbean, but now that I go back to read them (with the exception of 1, which I will soon share) they are all like, “blah, blah-blah blah- mehhh, blah. ya know?” … aka too much beach, not enough brain, just the right amount of who cares. thus, not going to subject you to such garbage. That’s why you love me.


What I will say is OMG, this Gemini of yours has ANOTHER project in her hands… and if you live nearby… FRIGGIN FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT. No, really, CLICK THAT SHIT… because you are about to get swept off your feet with a huge gust of excitement larger than that provided by 18 simultaneous fireworks, 6 marching bands, 44 puppies in your arms… and your favorite pair of “never could afford” shoes suddenly and mysteriously appearing on your doorstep, combined. SO, yeah.. I mean, it’s a pretty big deal..

Shut up and tell them.. OK. So, Six of us, friends, downtown Bridgeportians, creators, Entrepreneurs, dreams, do-ers, making it happen-ers, are about to bring you Bridgeport’s most amazing co-working space you ever did see… and work in… and love. Wait, what?! Ok.. So.. simply put, we are providing (think membership) a kick-ass, everything’s been considered, peaceful, beautiful, positive place for YOU to work in and LOVE with all your heart.

That is like, the tip of the tip of the icebergs front right tooth… There is so much more to see and know and share.. Here are some itty bitty details and you know I’ll provide more as we progress..

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 1.26.23 PM

Its name… B:HIVE.

Its location: 285 Fairfield Ave in Bridgeport, CT.

Its opening date: May 16th





MUCH more to come, my friends… MUCH more.


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