There are Yodels, there are *Twinkines, and then there are my bitches. Love ’em all, but these fluffy canines are where it’s at. The nuggets of love inspire me on the daily to keep chugging along. Talk about cheer leaders– no one else has ever sat upright staring at me for hours on end or wanted to lick my face just because.

*The name of my second poodle. Not to be confused with Brownie, the first poodle who died way too early. Like, awkward early. We named our dogs after sugary consumables simply because it was the only way we would get to enjoy them as young children.

The little white one
Name: Mimi
Age: 11 1/2 yrs
Weight: 4 lbs of entitlement
Special talents: acting like a bitchy cat
Favorite thing: eating scrambled eggs

The large black one
Name: Eloise
Age: 3 yrs
Weight: 48 lbs of “duh”
Special talents: marking like a boy
Favorite thing: cuddling