Beau doing yoga

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With an 11 month old babe, it’s nearly impossible to find the time to well, do anything. I consider myself lucky if I get to brush my teeth (yeah, I know). One thing I’ve made a point of doing around the house, whenever I can, to maintain my sanity… yoga. Even if it’s just a […]

TCB + VGP + OMG = hell yes.

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An oldie (kinda sorta), and more than a goody.. kinda like, a greaty… or amazing-y, this photo shoot was in collaboration with Jessica of The Confetti Bar (aka my Monarch partner in crime), and Victoria of Victoria Gloria Photography, AKA the creative brilliance behind our photos from our Lovefest… and my bump (here again)… aaaaand baby Beau… and […]

We Get by with a Little Help from Our Friends

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Interested in sharing your product with us so we can promote it at Monarch and fill those swaggity swag bags up to the brim? We thought so! Learn more about sponsorship opportunities by clicking here. And, thank you.  

Monarch Workshop

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Hi peeps! I am slowly resurfacing… and while I may have spit up in my hair and a pacifier attached to my shirt, I am feeling quite cool in that I am able to be here, now, typing this. So, booyah! Plus, I just picked up a wubbanub pacifier with my toes, like six times. […]


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Ok. So, we had this little thing called Lovefest back in July. I never envisioned myself as a bride. I never felt that marriage was a necessity, for us. I never longed for a wedding of my own. That’s just the way it was. After we found out that we were pregnant in February some […]