Paris day 1

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PARIS DAY 1 brought to you by your fellow Gemini, now in CT, enduring serious withdrawal.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon. After our red eye, we could have so easily passed out just to wake up with sheet-face at 2AM. We rallied and didn’t let ourselves slip into that comfy cozy bed. Our hotel, Hotel Bellechasse, was incredible. Located between Orsay Museum and Saint-Germain des Pres, you couldn’t be nestled in a better situation for your first few days in the city.

Our room was just large enough to walk around the bed, but the incredible location made up for all it lacked in size. Plus, the shower, equipped with jets and streams galore, big, beautiful windows opened to the courtyard, and fluffy, soft bed made for a luxurious stay. The rooms, designed by Christian Lacroix, were stuffed with textures and colors, so rich that even the ceiling and walls were printed, top to bottom. Our ceiling depicted all of the stars and constellations, but I couldn’t find my darling Gemini! Velvets, tassels, shag, lacquer, and ornate hardware made for pure luxury.

After freshening up and a few glasses of champagne, we strolled around and had our first cappuccini, macaroons, garden stroll, and patient Jordan stood by my side as I paused to take in the windows, the people, and the pastries. We walked the Pont de l’Archevêché, aka, love lock bridge, ate more macaroons, and stumbled upon the most perfect first dinner by dark. I was still in USA Maddie work mode, but definitely beginning to feel like Paris Maddie by nightfall.



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