OMG + LOVE: Friendship bracelets featuring JESSICA of LoveColorful

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Hi Peeps. OK. Let’s try something new. It’s kind of at that point where we’ve been in a relationship for a while.. and you can just say it.. maybe you’re sick and tired of hearing FIVE-HUNDRED-THIRDTY-ONE posts worth of my voice. Yes. That is a lot of me, indeed. I actually feel sorry for you.

Here’s a breath of FRESH air. You need this.. it’s a breath of colorful, happy, charming, talented, enthusiastic, positive, loving air. She is uber sweet, over-the-top creative, knows how to make a kick-ass cake pop, and had a wonderful idea that you are about to enjoy.. Friendship Bracelet guest postage. Holler! I knew I wanted to share her colorful-ness with you here on OMG, and then she supplied the friendship bracelet concept, which was so perrfecto.. Friends, I am handing the mic over to the wonderful JESSICA of Love Colorful !! Put those hands together 🙂

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Peep her UH-mazing WEDDING

Hey guys! Jessica from Love Colorful at your service, SO excited to be blog hoppin’ over here at OMG!!

From the moment I first stopped by this little corner of Maddie’s universe, I knew she was a seriously talented, creative, & awesome gal. It took me a while to get up the courage to write her! When we got to chatting and met up for coffee, though, it was like we were crafty blogger soul mates. True confession, though? I was totally nervous & intimidated by her mad skills. Even truer confession? I still kind of am! I mean this girl can do it all – crafts, window displays, social media, decorating, fashion consulting, and the list goes on. I feel so incredibly honored to be a small, little part of the Oh My Gemini archives!!

And what better way to celebrate my new friend than to make her some lovely little friendship bracelets?? (See, Mom – that week-long sleep away summer camp that I hated and cried at and begged you to take me home from paid off for something.)

photo 1photo 2

Now I’ll be honest, some of these little guys took me a while to make – yes, lots of patience and concentration was needed! But for Miss Madeline, it was worth the effort to make her something fabulous J (And ok, I’ll admit, I just wasn’t as clever as her to come up with making my own bracelets out of all sorts of different materials that are funky and fun and super unique – good thing I get to have hers featured up on Love Colorful!!)

In case you, too, were too busy bawling your eyes out at camp to pay attention at craft time and need a little refresher, here are some helpful links to some basic stitches/patterns I used for inspiration:

Fishtail Braid

Chevron Pattern

Basic Friendship Bracelet Knot

Once you’ve mastered the basic knot / braid, you can basically make up your own patterns and just go CRAZY. I also added some beads, glitter, chain, clasps, etc. to jazz up my bracelets, because that’s just how I roll.

Well there we have it kids – fun, colorful bracelets that celebrate love and friendship. What could be better?

Maddie – thank you thank you thank you for letting me share a little piece of me in your beautiful world and for being willing to share in mine. I am more than excited to see where life takes us both!

And thanks to you, dear readers, for putting up with me (despite being a scorpio by birth, I now feel like an honorary gemini!), but I guess for now I’ll return you to your fabulous, fearless OMG leader J

xxx Jessica

Ok, so now you’re definitely thinking.. I can’t wait to see the OMG guest post on LoveColorful.. as you should. My friends, don’t you worry, hop on over RIGHT NOW! to check it out. I’m officially a very excited gal.. on the Love Colorful blog.. hellooo?! Shweeet!

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